Balzaretti on Buffon: “He didn’t even dive! At Juventus only 4 were able to score”


MILAN Federico Balzaretti, former full back of the Juventus between 2005 and 2007, he tells Dazn ‘s microphones the personal memory of Gianluigi Buffon in his two years in black and white: “I I played there two years. The first year, in A, he was injured, he was there Christian Abbiati, and returned in January. Then I played the year in B, plus all those in the national team. In a total of 6-7 years that I played with it, I think it never dived. At Juventus they scored goals Del Piero, Nedved, Trezeguet and when he took the strong door, Ibrahimovic. Stop, finished. The nice thing, which is a very playful type, is that before you kicked he already said ‘I don’t even dive!’. You went to load the shot as if to say ‘Now I’m going to break the door and score goals’ and you didn’t even have the satisfaction of having him knocked to the ground. “

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