Balzaretti: “Di Lorenzo from Matera to Naples, do you now know who wants it?”


Federico Balzaretti, a former Juventus and Napoli footballer, gave an interview to the microphones of TMW Radio.

Federico Balzaretti, former Juventus and Roma footballer, gave an interview to TMW Radio focusing on the moment that Italian football lives and on one aspect in particular. There is no solidarity fund for players here. Abroad there is. “Not being in the mechanism I wouldn’t know what to say, it would be worth talking about. The C Series is an engine, and the ecosystem also includes smaller fish that become fundamental for the big ones: it is also important at a technical level, with guys making the journey from C to A, and I think of Di Lorenzo that gives Matera went to play at Naples and maybe he wants it Manchester United. In my opinion they must be supported in the most absolute way, perhaps even by the Government itself: if we look at the taxes paid at the end of the year I think we are on important figures, a part of the contributions could be given to the smaller clubs “.

Ready to run alone by ds?

I’d like to. Roma was an extraordinary gym and I must always say thank you for being able to work with Sabatini, Massara, Monchi … A bag of responsibility, even though I was young, but that was the thing that scared me the least. I’m doing a management course with Drogba, O’Shea, Kak√† … When we play soccer games we have fun, but I’m on goal because I can’t run anymore and I avoid bad figures (laughs, ed). After the period with DAZN on television, I would like to take the executive path. “

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