Balotelli, it’s really over: “With your head it’s far from Brescia”


Mario Balotelli it seems more and more far from Brescia. After the case of failure to train on Tuesday, ‘SuperMario’ returned regularly to the sports center of Torbole Casaglia. However, this was not enough to placate the waters around him and his future. To confirm it is its president, Massimo Cellino, who spoke of him to ‘Telelombardia’ in fact writing the word end to his experience among the Rondinelle.

“Mario is a particular boy. In a certain sense, he is discounted with your head no longer be with us – Cellino began -. But in this there is not nothing different from what it has always been “. And the biancazzurro president went from the arrow to a painful confession:”I loved him. I hoped that the air of home and the desire of the National team would be enough to make it go well. We are all disappointed“.

Cellino then asked himself the reasons for this flop: “It also has to do with its management. Especially at the beginning, when Corini was there who loved him and maybe he does too a little spoiled. For example some of his delays were accepted. But to blame everything for him is wrong, I think there is disappointment also on his part“.

Balotelli returned to training on Wednesday and underwent one individual work session with the club’s athletic trainers, but evidently this was not enough to solve the environmental problems that have finally exploded after his absence on Tuesday.

Cellino himself had already rejected it a few weeks ago prematurely: “I wanted it in Brescia, but off the pitch he gave birth to superficial gestures, like a child. But we certainly won’t go to B because of him. “

Even the president had blocked a predicted live Instagram with the most beautiful Rocco Siffredi. “This guy embarrasses me. I am hammered by people who complain, going home has overexposed it. “

A long and constant dripping, perhaps destined to end already on June 30th.

SPORTAL.IT | 27-05-2020 23:14

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