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Mario would have remained in the anteroom half an hour, in vain, waiting to be able to speak with the number 1 of Brescia

Balotelli-Cellino: new chapter of the great frost. Today in the late afternoon an appointment was scheduled between the striker and the president of Brescia, to bring more serenity in a relationship that has become quite complicated in recent weeks. But according to rumors, the clarifying meeting was not held.

compromised relationship

Mario, wearing an Italian sweatshirt, had appeared serene at the entrance and also at the exit. Everything suggested that the clarification with Cellino had been there. Instead, apparently, the president would not have received the player. Who, after about half an hour of anteroom, left the offices of the headquarters. In the last few days the tension had exploded when the player did not show up for a training session, not providing, according to the company’s version, justifications. In an interview with the BBC, Cellino himself had called Mario Balotelli’s engagement “an error”. “The problem is that he doesn’t show up for training, let’s say he doesn’t seem very interested in the future of the club. Balotelli has a contract for Serie A, but not for B. So if we have to go back he will be free, free. the impression is that he no longer likes being in Italy. I think we both made a mistake. I thought that taking him to Brescia, which is his city, would have stimulated and pushed him to make a lot of effort. At the same time I think it was badly managed by the previous coach (Corini, ed) “.

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