Balotelli-Cellino, decisive week. We are moving towards the termination of the contract – La Gazzetta dello Sport


Crucial days to establish the future of the Brescia forward, en route with the president who reiterates: “Available with my players, but not to fill the social networks”

Mario Balotelli and the president of Brescia Massimo Cellino have not yet met, it is very likely that a definitive clarification on the attacker’s situation will be taken this week. That it is going towards a break is now clear, the method must now be established, given that Balotelli has the contract expiring on 30 June and, after the latest tensions, the path of consensual resolution is the most likely. Also because the current agreement provides for an automatic extension in case of permanence in Serie A or expiry in case of relegation to B.

Intimacy and confidentiality

This week we therefore await the turnaround of a situation that seemed to be close to clarification on Thursday afternoon, when Balotelli showed up in the President’s offices but after a half-hour antechamber the two left the office without speaking. Mario did not train yesterday (after six sessions in three days between the field and the gym), all agreed according to the club. “I am always available to our players – commented Cellino -, but not to fill social media. Intimacy and confidentiality are fundamental for me. We owe our fans respect and we have a duty to regain it. “

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