Balotelli case at Brescia: Cellino does not receive him in the office


BRESCIABalotelliCellino: the great frost continues. Today in the late afternoon an appointment was scheduled between the attacker and the president of the Brescia: it was thought that after the last days of great tension, exploded when the player did not show up for training without providing justifications (according to the club version), there was a desire to clarify between the two. Instead the president of the swallows did not receive the player who after about half an hour of anteroom left the offices of the venue where he had arrived in the late afternoon. Mario, wearing an Italian sweatshirt, had appeared serene at the entrance and the same at the exit: so much so that nothing suggested that Cellino had not been spoken to, as was later leaked by some indiscretions.

Brescia, Balotelli restarts with the mask

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