Back to the Future – Part II: Netflix censors the magazine scene


Americans recently welcomed Back to the future – Part II (1989) in the catalog of Netflix, while we Italians will have to wait a little longer. Still, it seems that the giant of streaming on demand has ‘ruined’ a particular scene in the film by applying totally avoidable censorship.
‘Oh LàLà’: for Netlfix the scene of the magazine was indecorous
The scene in question portrays the protagonist Marty McFly, intent on finding desperately theSports Almanac containing all the results of the competitions held between 1950 and 2000 – almanac which will then be used by Biff Tannen to become one of the richest men in America.

In the original sequence, Marty believes he has finally recovered the coveted object, only to discover later that it is actually an adult magazine called ‘Oh LàLà’. At that point, the incredulous Marty leafs through the magazine, repeatedly exclaiming “oh la la!” and observing the woman portrayed on the cover.
As reported by several users, the film of Robert Zemeckis suffered an obvious complaint by Netflix. The latter, with a mounting cut far from perfect, it would have removed a few seconds of the scene, eliminating the frames depicting the cover of the magazine and even a couple of Marty’s exclamations.
Needless to say, many fans didn’t take it very well. As we see it, the scene did not show particularly ‘risque’ scenes and we believe that the censorship of Netflix was not necessary at all. What do you think?

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