Back to school in September, Salvini: will we return divided, remotely, in class or at home?


Doubts and uncertainties about the start of the new school year and especially about the return of pupils and teachers to school in September. Perplexity also by the leader of the Salvini League.

The government plans to get the kids to go to school on the last day to say goodbye to the teachers. The same government has not yet explained to students, families and professors how and when they will resume classes in September, in the classroom or at home, together or divided, on the benches or remotely. Dangerous incapable“. To say the leader of the League Matteo Salvini.

Deputy Minister Anna Ascani has repeatedly reiterated the desire to allow students, especially those of the last year, to be able to go to school for a greeting on the last day. But the Scientific Technical Committee, charged by the Ministry to establish the rules for returning to school in September, has not given certain answers on the matter.

However, the CTS provided a document explaining the rules to be adopted for returning students, teachers and all school staff to the classroom. Among the cornerstones of the document are the physical distancing, the hygiene measures and prevention. The CTS also gives indications on the eating meals at school and explains that it must be absolutely preserved, but always guaranteeing distancing through the management of spaces, times (shifts) of use and, in residual form, also through the eventual supply of the meal in a “lunch box” for consumption in the classroom.

Before the reopening of the school, explains the CTS, there will be one thorough cleaning of all spaces. While for the pupils of the primary school there is no mandatory mask because under six years of age. There are no precise indications on the number of students per class, and perhaps this is the point that makes the most discussion at the moment, nor if distance teaching will alternate with that in attendance.

Forza Italia deputy Roberto Novelli also spoke on returning to school, who expressed his doubts in a note: “About a hundred days are left before the new school starts: it is not permissible that the government does not receive precise directives on how children and young people can go back to school. It is not admissible that everything is left to the municipalities. Plan A must allow pupils to resume lessons in attendance, all together, thanks to new adequate spaces and the organization of local public transport. Public spaces – I think of the many decommissioned barracks in the FVG – or private buildings that must be identified within a few days, so as to allow a programming of the adaptation works. Time runs fast, the government cannot afford to waste any more and decline its responsibilities: pupils have the right to go back to school and families have the right to know what the recovery will be like“.

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