Back to school: dear experts, when were you last there? A master explains it to you


Dear experts,
the writer is only a country teacher who has been teaching for a few years in small towns, even in hamlets. I know you won’t take in consideration my thoughts but I hope someone at least read them. The first question that comes naturally to me is: but when was the last time you entered a school? And where?

Because from what you wrote in the document presented to the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, it seems that you live in another country, in Sweden or perhaps in Switzerland where school environments are very different from ours. I have the impression that you have never read even the annual report of “Cittadinanzattiva” on school construction.

Ask for a meter distance between one desk and another in the classroom. But have you seen our classrooms? There are 20-22 children crowded. Often there isn’t even one space to walk between the benches. Thinking of having a distancing like the one proposed means breaking the class. Dividing the group means having other spaces that are not always there.

We want to think about miracle or the fact that our local authorities will build new schools or classrooms in three months? But do you really believe this is possible? Another possibility is to make shifts in the morning and in the afternoon but in this case we would meet the need to have teaching staff in greater quantities.

Another question: the teaching. The teachers know that classroom work is conditioned by school furnishings. With the benches distant one meter from each other, you will only be able to do frontal lessons going back in time. The arrangement of the benches it is never random. Farewell to team work. Which school did you think about giving these indications that are impossible to carry out in Italian schools? Then the meters become two if we are in the gym. Of course, you would have thought that there is more space there and therefore it is possible.

But what do you do in the gym? What is physical education for children? I have the impression that you have not talked to any primary school physical education teacher: what motor lesson can be done divided two meters away? Goodbye to the game, a fundamental element in primary school. We will come back to do individual push-ups and exercises.

But let’s move on to the canteen question. Here too we ask to respect the distances of one meter. Now also in this case I have the impression that none of you have ever entered a refectory: in the canteen there are six tables to contain the space which is generally very small. Often these are classrooms transformed by municipalities into canteens. I already know your answer foreseen by the document: shifts or “lunch box”.

In the document it is not clear who will provide the “schiscetta”. The families? The common? What will all this cost? If the children eat in the individual classrooms how many teachers we will need to do alertness? And then if the meal will be brought from home where have all the reluctations of the past months on this question ended?

Finally we can not speak of the entrances and exits from schools. Experts think of staggered revenue. How many hours will it take in schools where the first A, B, C, D. E, F exists and then the second A, B, C, D, E and so on?

We just have to wait, dear experts, to wait for the indications of the task force of the ministry that with a confidentiality equal to that of the Secret Services has elaborated a letter and a document already in the hands of the minister but which the world of school and families cannot know because of who knows what state secret.

Sorry, dear experts, I am only one master but perhaps in your committee one of us would have clarified your ideas about the Italian school.

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