back to class at risk in September


School, last day all together. But the principals: back to class at risk in September

Reopen the schools in September in safety? Impossible, in class distancing will be an unattainable goal. To reject the reopening of the classrooms, as required by the indications of the Scientific Technical Committee, are the principals. That is to say those who, responsible for what happens in an institution, will have to make sure that everything goes according to the directives.

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Last week the Technical Scientific Committee of Civil Protection released the technical document for the remodulation of the containment measures for the school: first of all, students from the first grade up to the last year of high school will have to wear a mask and will be able to remove it only during the interrogation, to eat and to exercise. They will have to enter at staggered hours in order not to create gatherings outside the school or in the courtyard and must remain at least one meter apart, even between the desks. The school will have to arrange ad hoc routes inside the building and, where possible, take advantage of all possible entrances so as not to converge all the classes in a single door. If there is not enough space in the cafeteria, the kids will have to eat in the classroom, in their place with the lunch box and all the inconvenience it entails. But before any strategy to be put in place, there is a need to have larger classrooms: practically double compared to today, to avoid that the classes are divided otherwise more teachers are needed.

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Schools that do not have adequate spaces can use gyms, courtyards and laboratories but it is not said that it is sufficient, also because in this way important moments in the training of students such as physical activity or laboratory activity are excluded. Not to mention that many school buildings do not have an external courtyard, some not even a gym. Once the school managers have assessed all the availability, they can turn to the municipalities and metropolitan cities to find larger classrooms, even outdoors.
In short, the physical spacing between the banks is currently not feasible, except in a few cases. “To do this we would have to reduce the number of pupils per class – explains Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Principals – distribute the pupils in two shifts, morning and afternoon but, in this case, it would be necessary to double the staff. Or we could distribute the pupils in a double number of classrooms, keeping the morning timetable but, in this case, it would be necessary to duplicate the spaces after having found them. In any case, the staff should be doubled: both the number of teachers and that of school collaborators necessary for the supervision of common areas, where assembly is more likely. Furthermore, the provisions on distancing in recreational moments are almost inapplicable and the strong interference with teaching in the case of classroom meals should be considered. ” For the schoolstherefore, the reopening is still on the high seas: “we ask – concludes Giannelli – the timely formulation of a security protocol, to guarantee safety for all, and a substantial adjustment of economic and human resources to schools”.
It is therefore a question of making ends meet between the current school reality, made up of chicken coop classes with 20 but also 25-30 pupils, and the one that will have to welcome students in class in September. And it is they, children and young people, who remain in limbo, suspended waiting to know what will be of their future.

And it’s all a clash: the fuse has also lit on the possibility of making him celebrate the last day of class with a meeting, perhaps at school. On the one hand, the proposal of the Deputy Minister for Education Anna Ascani, also supported by the mayors of the Anci, aimed above all at the fifth grade, third grade and fifth grade students, on the other the Technical Scientific Committee which vetoed any returnees inside the school but he still specified that children can see themselves outdoors, respecting the rules of social distancing. As already allowed to all, practically. “The Technical Scientific Committee has clarified that it is not against meetings between students and teachers to greet each other for a last day of school, provided they are outdoors and in full compliance with the prohibitions of assembly and the rules of spacing and individual protection. I’m happy, “announced the deputy minister on Facebook.


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