back in class in September


“In September we go back to class, we hear the bell again, we go back to the benches, as it should be, as the minister and the families want.

The CTS will answer a series of questions that we have asked from those answers we will work “for the return in September, we are already doing it. You have to listen to everyone, then the responsibility is mine “.

“The baccalaureate exam will be done in total safety, it will be an oral exam, therefore simplified and our students will bring an essay and will speak, I hope, also about the coronavirus in the part of Citizenship and constitution.”

“The third grade exam will be an essay discussed online; exams will be done in safety and simplification. The students have worked so hard in a complex situation, I think the school should not leave anyone behind. ”

So the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina on Tg de La 7 answering Mentana’s questions.

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