Baby girl dies after drinking turtle blood: for parents it was an anti-Covid “cure”


5 month old baby girl dies after ingesting tortoise blood: family members believed they believed it was an anti-coronavirus “cure”. The story, reported in the Daily Mail, took place in the Dominican Republic. To drink the “potion” indicated by a sorcerer also the parents and the 7 year old sister of the girl. The whole family ended up in hospital.

According to the local press, the conditions of the couple and the other child are serious, but everyone should be able to get away with it. For the little girl, however, there was nothing to do: having arrived at the hospital, the parents explained that they had produced the drink under the advice of a sorcerer and that they had done it to protect themselves from contagion from Covid-19, without disclosing the additional ingredients used.

In the Dominican Republic there have been about 15,800 Covid-19 cases and 474 deaths so far. “Similar incidents are caused by people who think that these drinks can have healing qualities, without realizing that they can kill,” the hospital director who welcomed the family told the Daily Mail.

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