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I would have liked to break a spear, or at least a funnel, in favor of the Minister of Public Destruction, taunted on social media (and from Osho’s phrase that gives the title to the Caff√©) for saying that students are not funnels to be filled with knowledge. Apart from that, to get the knowledge to students barricaded in the house for months, more than funnels would serve today catapults. But it seemed to me an exercise of gratuitous ferocity to demonize her for a slip. I can’t get into my favorite minister’s brain (I cheated on her Toninelli), also because I find myself momentarily lacking in funnel, but I imagine that even Di Maio knows that funnels are used to decant liquids and not to retain them. Senonch yesterday the Azzolina wanted to go back up. And instead of correcting the slip, he has it fiercely reiterated, claiming to have referred to a specific funnel, that of Nuremberg, and inviting critics to consult a search engine.

An education minister who quotes Google instead of the Treccani it must surely be at the forefront, but the trouble that just on the search engine turns out that the Nuremberg funnel takes its name from an eighteenth-century engraving in which the teacher pours the knowledge into the head of the student with a funnel. So the students are not even funnels in Nuremberg. If I were the minister, I would go back to school for a review. Too bad someone closed it.

May 21, 2020, 7:12 am – modified May 21, 2020 | 11:40

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