Away with the advance Atalanta-Sassuolo, indeed no. The head back after the rejection of June 19


The most important decision, that of the official resumption of the championship the weekend with the recoveries of the 25th day, arrived today after the Assembly of the Serie A League and related press release: it starts again with the four pending recoveries (Atalanta-Sassuolo, Verona -Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria and Turin-Parma). A decision, the latter, arrived following a sudden turnaround compared to what was initially leaked.

In fact, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanticipating Atalanta-Sassuolo, the symbolic game in Bergamo, the Italian city most affected by the Coronavirus, and with the Emilian players on the pitch, who had played the last match with Brescia before the lockdown . The proposal was not welcomed and so we turned back after that decision. The recoveries of the 25th day, therefore, will be spread between Saturday 20 June and Sunday 21 June, with Torino-Parma which should be the first game. All this, pending official communications on the complete calendar (and relative times of the races) which should arrive on the day of next Monday.


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