Avellino, mayor at the center of a large gathering with hundreds of kids: it’s stormy


To post the videos the city councilor of opposition, Luca Cipriano, who writes “At the center of the images is the mayor of Avellino in the maxi pedestrian area that he wanted in the city center to avoid nightlife. The video speaks for itself”.

The mayor – who had issued an ordinance on the nightlife more extensive than that of the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca – first he would try to enforce the distancing, then he would also join the choirs sung by young people against Salerno.

The mayor’s reply – In a post, Festa claims his work: “There are those who demonize them without obtaining results. I am comfortable with them. This is why I decided to make an inspection to make sure that the nightlife was restarted in full respect of the rules. In a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, I encouraged the young people to take responsibility and continue to observe the rules. I spent a few minutes with them in a playful and playful way “.

Festa does not appear repentant and replies also to the criticisms: “Maybe it bothers me that I am in contact and in harmony with my people: they would prefer me to sign restrictive rules behind the desk. I am the mayor of the Avellinesi and where there is the life of Avellino, I am here. Look elsewhere – concludes Festa – here I am keeping everything under control “.

Exponent of the Sardines denounces the mayor – A complaint against Festa was presented by Claudio Petrozzelli, local exponent of the Sardine, for what happened. Petrozzelli went to the police station where he filed the report against the mayor to the judicial authority for “having endangered the health of citizens”. “I expect – said Petrozzelli – that the most severe measures are taken against the irresponsibility of the mayor of Avellino”.

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