Autostrade, Cancelleri (M5s): “Those of the Genoa bridge are blackmailing us. Wasted time: now the concession is over. Dossier De Micheli? We haven’t seen it”. Mit: “File given to Conte. Atlantia cannot threaten institutions”


“Aspi, those of the collapse of the Genoa bridge, who got stained with the 43 victims, who didn’t even apologize, those of the Benettons there, they blackmail us“. Faced with the request for Atlantia the government to tie investments on the motorway network to a loan guaranteed by the state, comes the harsh stance of the deputy minister M5s of Transport Giancarlo Cancelleri. After months of mediation and balance in the majority, who directly addresses the colleagues from the Democratic Party and Italy alive, and directly accuses the Pd holder of the ministry Paola De Micheli: “We only wasted time, I turn to Iv to the Democratic Party, we are wasting time, revoke concessions, this is not serious people“. Always 5 stars and dem on the issue of concessions seek a meeting point, but never until now, at least since the birth of the Giallorossi government, it has come to such a sharp break. In fact, Cancelleri does not just criticize Atlanti’s attitude towards the government, but puts all the work done by Minister De Micheli in recent months: “He has this dossier where he made a sort of negotiation together with Aspi. Nobody knows this file, neither the M5s nor other government forces know it, nor Count. She stated it in the newspapers. Well that he pulled it out, we start talking about it, it is useless that we turn around. ” According to Cancelleri, “time has expired”: “Because when we go to deliver the Genoa bridge, when it is finished, we will have to deliver it to someone and if we do not know to whom the concession goes, we will not even know to whom the government contract goes. “.

For the time being, the minister has not responded publicly, but sources from the ministry to the ANSA agency commented first on Atlantia’s statements: “The press release has the flavor of an ultimatum. Given that nobody, let alone Atlantia, can afford to threaten institutions, it is good to remember that certain decisions must be waited with respect for the institutions and for those who have worked without ever stopping at the procedure of education “. With regard to the accusations of Cancelleri, however, they limited themselves to specifying that “he completed the dossier, as already announced in recent days and in Parliament by the minister, and sent it to the Prime Minister to start a discussion and a discussion necessary before the decision that will take place in the Council of Ministers, as repeatedly underlined publicly by Minister De Micheli “.

The frontal attack on the grill is aimed at both Aspi and government allies. But even within the Democratic Party the discussion is open. Just as Cancelleri’s post came out, the deputy secretary dem Andrea Orlando, interviewed by Maria Latella on SkyTg24, he said, turning to Atlantia: “From Liguria I think it would be better to avoid ultimatum and blackmail for what has been in this region and in Genoa, it would be better if the tones changed ”. In support of Cancelleri the deputy from Leu expressed himself Nicola Fratoianni: “The arrogance of the powerful has no limits, even in the face of what has happened. When someone blackmails, from an authoritative and credible state, which is on the side of public interest and justice, there is only a calm and reasonable answer to give: withdraw the concession“.

Orlando at SkyTg24: “Atlantia? From Ligurian I say that it would be better if the tones changed “
The words of Deputy Minister M5s not only mark a new break in the majority on the Autostrade front, but they come at a delicate moment. And now the wait is for the Pd reaction. Even the dem Orlando did not hide annoyances for the blackmail of Atlantia: “From Ligurian”, he said to “Maria Latella’s interview” on SkyTg24, “I think it would be better to avoid ultimatum and blackmail for what has been in this region and in Genoa, it would be better if the tones changed“. Then he specified: “The decree provides that there is a negotiation for a disbursement of funds of this level and” in the case of Atlantia “two factors must be taken into account: the first is that it is a company that manages a concession and therefore it is necessary to respect the tariffs. The other is that a subsidiary of this company has an open dispute with the state. These two issues will be solved as a precondition “for the loan negotiations.

As for the balance of government, Cancelleri did not enter into the merits, but in general said: “You cannot live with allies by threatening or giving ultimatum. As long as we are able to give answers, we also turn the other cheek, but we only have two and some attrition practices can cut the branch even on which the political exponents who practice them are sitting. You can’t go on with ultimatum and constantly raising the tone. ” One consideration, that of Orlando, which came after Italy alive during the week had threatened to vote the distrust of the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede (threat that then did not occur). Meanwhile, with the 5 stars, there are still more than one battlegrounds: from Autostrade to the modification of the procurement code up to the tensions on school competitions.

M5s pushes for the revocation of the concession to Aspi. Corrao: “Lawful to ask for loans, lawful to think of putting them in front of their management responsibilities”
The blackmail of Atlantia is certainly one of the nodes capable of stirring the M5s, which has always been at the forefront of asking for the revocation of concessions to Autostrade. The holding, among other things, cited “no thanks” to the loan from Deputy Minister M5s Stefano Buffagni as a “response contrasting with the spirit of the Relaunch decree” and “gave a mandate to its own Legal to evaluate all the necessary initiatives for the protection of society and the group, given the serious damage “. In solidarity with Buffagni, the M5s MEP spoke Ignazio Corrao: “But what disturbing stuff is that the board of Atlantia threatens legal actions against a government official? Maximum support for Buffagni, victim of threats of legal action by one of the Goliaths of this country, the Benettons “. And, he added, the “Benettons think to respond also to the legitimate requests of all those entrepreneurs who have invested in their brand in Italy and who find themselves in difficulty due to apparently questionable company choices, for which we are ongoing disputes. That they pretend nothing and ask for guaranteed loans for billions is perfectly legitimate. It’s true. But I also consider it legitimate to think about the withdrawal of state concessions and to face them with their management responsibilities “.

Forza Italia in defense of Atlantia: “Government in check of the M5s anti-business logic”
Those who openly take sides with Atlanti are Forza Italia. Which also brings up the controversy over the same type of loan requested by the FCA during the week. “Both on the FCA affair and on the Atlantia affair,” the group leader told the Fi Chamber Mariastella Gelmini, “The government continues to be in check on the anti-business logic of the 5 star movement. But blackmailing attitudes towards companies and, indirectly, Italian workers are not tolerable. Then on Atlantia we are short-circuited: the indecisions of the majority risk provoking the stop to investments, and putting thousands of workers on their knees ”. And he closed: “Loans are not granted through a ‘political’ way or with the prior consent of the CGIL: they are given to those who, according to the law, have the right”.

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