Austrian President at dinner after 11 pm, apologizes: “Chatting, I lost track of time”


Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen apologized for staying in a restaurant after the Government’s 11pm closing time as part of anti-coronavirus measures. “I went out for the first time after the blockade with two friends and my wife,” wrote Van der Bellen on Twitter: “By chatting, we lost track of time. I am truly sorry, it was a mistake ”.

The president, explained the Guardian, was referring to a circumstance reported by the Kurier newspaper that a police patrol had found him on the terrace of an Italian restaurant in the center of Vienna, yesterday evening after midnight. The owner explained that he thought he had followed the rules, simply by stopping the service at 11 pm and believing that the customers could have stayed over. The club could be fined but Van der Bellen explained that he would “take responsibility for it”.

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