Austria opens to a Germany-Italy corridor for tourists


BOLZANO. Tourists from Germany and Switzerland will be able to cross Austria to reach Italy. As the website of the Vienna Ministry of Interior informs, Austria can already be crossed without stopping. Hermann Gahr, responsible for relations with South Tyrol of the popular party Oevp, also reiterates this. “That Austria prevents the passage of German tourists who want to reach South Tyrol is a fairy tale that has evidently been told with a specific purpose,” said the exponent of the party of Chancellor Kurz in the press.

In Germany, notices for travel abroad, the so-called depreciation, however, remain in effect until 14 June. The ‘corridor’ has basically been in place since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency, when the Germans with the lockdown returned to Germany. In fact, at the Brenner the Austrian authorities carried out random checks to verify that the machine’s tank was sufficiently full to travel the 120 kilometers that separate the Italian-Austrian crossing from the German border to Kufstein. Gahr, on the other hand, points out that Italy does not yet allow South Tyroleans to visit relatives in the Austrian Tyrol (without quarantine on their return), while this is already possible from Tyrol to South Tyrol.

«It is not for Austria to decide whether German tourists will take holidays in Italy. This is a question that concerns only Italy, as far as the German entrances and laenders are concerned. As regards instead a possible quarantine on return “. This was stated by the South Tyrolean governor Arno Kompatscher. “Germany – he adds – reiterated, at various political levels, that the quarantine obligation will end for those returning from the countries of the European Union. I therefore see no problems for German citizens to come to South Tyrol, that is to Italy, and after the holiday to return home without quarantine “, concludes the President of the Province of Bolzano.

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