Australia, the dolphins left alone during the lockdown bring gifts to the beaches


Suddenly they were alone, with no onlookers and tourists flocking to Tin Can Bay beach, in Queesland, Australia, to greet them, to feed them fish or to go on a boat tour of the bay in their company. So the dolphins Mystique, Ella and Little Joe, already around Easter, began to bring gifts on the beach which remained inexplicably empty for them due to the lockdown from coronavirus. Corals, bottles, shells, fish were pushed from the cetaceans to the shore and collected by the owners of the “Barnacles Cafe and Dolphin Feeding” bar. Unexpected gifts from the sea, which arrived until a few days ago, when the beaches and activities were finally reopened in Tin Can Bay and the dolphins were able to see their human “friends” again. “A behavior that is not surprising, they are used to interacting with humans and probably during the quarantine they too were bored”; commented Barry McGovern, cetacean expert from the University of Queensland

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