Ausilio: “Tonali is from Inter, we like Cunha. Werner does not arrive. And the Ninja is back” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The d.s. Nerazzurri takes stock of Sky: “Good relations with Bayern and PSG for Perisic and Icardi. Cavani and Vidal are currently not priorities”

Piero Ausilio answers the doubts on the Inter market in a long interview with Sky: Lautaro Martinez’s theme had been anticipated a couple of days ago, today we also talk about other issues, from big players on loan to possible entries. The d.s. The Nerazzurri do not lose their balance but close to Werner, leaving a door open for Cavani and Cunha.

Tonali and Cunha yes

There is something more than an opening for Tonali, who could continue the line of young Italian talents: “Having an Italian identity at Inter can be very important for the construction of the group and therefore we want to continue on this path. Tonali he definitely has the qualities to play for Inter, I don’t know if he has the economic quality to be bought. He has all the parameters to be a Nerazzurri player, but I don’t know those of Cellino “. Little space for Timo Werner: “We have always liked him but he won’t come, I know the reasons and they are various, I know the opinion of the boy and his entourage”. And Cunha dell’Hertha: “We are interested, we are following him”.

Cavani and Vidal

Ball in the stands on Cavani and Vidal: “Edinson is not a priority simply because our attackers park is made up of Martinez, Lukaku and Sanchez. And above all the latter now has the opportunity to demonstrate its value and then we will evaluate what to do. In addition there is Esposito who is good but he is very young and we will see whether to send him to experience. So we would be talking about a fourth striker and it is not Cavani that we have in mind. Vidal is not an opportunity right now. Our midfield is strong and we want to improve it through the growth of talents like Barella and Sensi. And then there is Eriksen who only needs time to settle in better. ”

The big ones on loan

On the redemption chapter: “For Perisic the terms would have already expired but we have excellent relationships with his entourage and with Bayern himself so we have decided that we will talk about it later. Different situation for Nainggolan because there are no options, so it will certainly return. Then we will evaluate what to do together with the player and the coach. I know Icardi likes to stay in Paris. There is an option that the PSG can exercise and that expires on May 31st. There is a figure that has obviously been conditioned by the health emergency, we will see. We talk often with Leonardo and I know that the player has signed a contract that provided for the possibility of staying there. “As for the other loans:” We have players from other teams and we want to end the season with them. The only thing I can say about the officer is that we exercised the option for Young and we will talk to Chelsea soon. ”

Market blocked

Finally a balance on the season and a forecast on the market: “We have perhaps gone even beyond expectations. We have rebuilt with a great coach like Conte and we are still in the running in three competitions that will give us satisfaction. With Conte we have always chosen the players in harmony. ” And still on the market that does not seem to start: “There are no low prices. Indeed some have also increased. It seems that everyone is afraid to take the first step, I am concerned. I think it will go for long and the fireworks will they will do in September. “

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