Ausilio: ‘Icardi? Want to stay at the PSG, we find a solution. Tonali is from Inter Milan, Nainggolan is back. Perisic? More time at Bayern. Cavani, Werner … ‘| First page


After the anticipation on Lautaro Martinez and the negotiation with Barcelona (READ HERE) other statements from the sporting director of Inter arrive Piero Ausilio to the microphones of Sky Sport. Many topics were covered for a 360 ° market point from Icardi to loans, from market objectives to the official renewal of Ashley Young (READ HERE)WORK – “The way of working has changed. Fortunately the team has started working again and gives us a semblance of normalcy. Many calls, many chats, but few real negotiations”.

THE FIRST MOVE – “Nobody wants to be, pass me the term” the village idiot “and for this we are all a bit waiting”

PERISIC – “The situations are quite similar. In some cases we took time, for others we evaluate. In the case of Perisic the deadline has already expired, but we spoke to Bayern and we granted them with a gentlement agreement to talk about it later without problems.”

ICARDI – The option for Icardi expires on May 31, here we are. Leonardo is a friend and we feel, we are trying to understand what the best situation is. There is a figure that you know well even if there is this condition based on what happened with the coronavirus. The contract option is that, but there is a willingness to talk to PSG since we are friends. We will look for the best situation since Icardi is pleased to stay in Paris, as far as I know. It has already given its availability since last August. If you go beyond May 31st? The agreement is that, but human relationships exist, I imagine that the PSG leaders have also taken into consideration a situation of that type, even when talking to the boy “.

NAINGGOLAN – “Things change year by year. Cagliari do not have an option and the player will come back to us. Then we will make an evaluation and we will understand, we still have not put our heads on the Nainggolan case but every year we make different evaluations”.

DEADLINES – “With all and for all there is the will to go on until the end of the season with all these guys and soon we will start to address the discussion with Borja Valero and Padelli. For the rest we will talk to Fiorentina and Chelsea to confirm this squad until the end of the season. The only news is that we have exercised the renewal option for Young. “

SANCHEZ – “Sanchez? We are betting on him in these months also to give an overall assessment of the boy. Before the injury we had seen old Sanchez and now someone like him has the opportunity to prove his worth. He also interests the boy to finish the season here and then evaluate. You all say that we will not redeem it, but in reality we are thinking about it. ”

LAUTARO – “There is no urgency, when we think of Lautaro Martinez there is no urgency to sell. I don’t know what he thinks about it. If anyone has spoken to him or his entourage he has done so by the clause. We haven’t talked about anything else. “TONALI – “We are attentive to the Italian soul and we think it can help in building the team. We have invested in Sensi and Barella and Bastoni in the past and we can continue to do so. Tonali has the quality to play in the inter, I don’t know if it can be economically purchased. Details of Brescia and Cellino are currently missing. ”

WERNER – “We have always liked Werner and we have followed him a lot with our scouting work. He will not arrive at Inter, there are many reasons and they are various. He has a clause, it is true but I know his motivations and next year he will not be ‘Inter’.

CUNHA – “We know Cunha, he has very good agents who are strong and very important in Brazil. We know the path he had and he was already good at a very young age. We will follow him”.

CAVANI – “Inter have always been attentive to the zero parameters market, also reinforcing themselves with strong players. Cavani is an opportunity, but to tell you today that we are seriously thinking about it is a lie, given that we consider our park attackers with Lukaku, Lautaro and maybe Sanchez. There is Esposito with whom we will evaluate if it makes sense to have experience and at best we will think of a fourth striker “.

MERTENS – “Mertens is a player with whom there has been a contact. He was expiring a contract and he had some possibilities. A contact with us has been and has been very recent. The boy’s priority was to stay in Naples”.

VAGIANNIDIS – “We are working on it, we are attentive to the best young people. We are in talks because it is on a free transfer and we have informed Panathinaikos. We will see if he will play immediately with Conte or if we will take another path”.

VIDAL AND ERIKSEN – “I do not judge the player and I do not make definitive judgments on anyone, Vidal is of absolute value, but at the moment it is not an opportunity. We think of reinforcing Inter through the growth of Barella, Sensi and also of Eriksen who arrived in January and it took time. Not only tactically, but also life. The distant family, an unknown language, the Italian championship that is not simple. I have never seen anyone arrive in Italy and take a second to settle in. It was for Platini and beyond, I’m sure Eriksen will prove his worth to us. “

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