Audi, all the advantages of the new rental offer


Overwhelmed by the health emergency (and economic) of COVID-19, the automotive market is also destined to having to adapt to a “new normal”, a new normal where nothing (or almost) will be more like before. Also for this reason, the manufacturers are devising new purchase or leasing formulas to try to recover the land lost in the past three months.

The latest, in chronological order, to have launched new purchasing solutions for its vehicles is Audi. The house of the Four Rings has recently presented Audi Value Rental, a “turnkey” formula which gives those who want to drive one of the cars of the Ingolstadt manufacturers to benefit from a long series of advantages. As stated by the German manufacturer himself, by choosing this innovative medium and long term rental formula (also valid for private individuals) la security is all inclusive.

With Audi Value Rental, in fact, you can drive a vehicle of the Four Rings without having to worry about running costs anymore of a car. In fact, the monthly fee of the leasing program includes stamp duty, RCA insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, roadside assistance 24 hours a day and, depending on the layout chosen for your vehicle, you can also enjoy multimedia and interactive services. of Audi Connect.

Not only that: choosing the Audi Value Rental formula you won’t have to worry about the bonus / malus system anymore. In the unfortunate event of a road accident, in fact, the amount of the motor liability insurance will not increase and, therefore, the monthly fee will always remain the same. In addition, every customer who chooses a rental plan of at least 36 months will receive 3 months of rent and pro rata free of charge.

Choosing, for example, the Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 TFSI S tronic Admired with 3-year rental and 30 thousand kilometers included, you will pay a fee of 239 euros including registration, IPT, three years of roadside assistance and towing in Italy and Europe 24 hours on 24, three years of stamp duty, tire change, three years of RCA and three years (or 45 thousand kilometers) of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Another solution is the one represented by Audi Value which allows you to purchase a vehicle from the house of the Quattro Anelli with the guaranteed value security when you decide to resell it. Based on the advance paid, the duration of the financing and the mileage chosen, the customer will already know at the time of purchase what the value of the car will be at the end of the contractual period. At this point he can decide whether to keep the Audi (and stop paying, perhaps with another loffinancing), replace it with a new vehicle from the German manufacturer or return it.

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