Attempted attack in Huwwara area – Security News


Event scene Photography: Zvi Sukot

A Palestinian terrorist fired an afternoon at an Israeli resident who drove two 15-year-old hitchhikers in the Hawara area. The resident got out of the vehicle and shot in the air and the terrorist fled.

Yossi Dagan, head of Samaria Regional Council, spoke to senior police officials after the incident. “This resident, he is a hero, who avoided disaster and was resourceful. The boys who were with him in the car, too, did not lose track and immediately reported to the hotline.”

“I want to strengthen the resident. On our part, we ensure that threats from the enemy do not scare us. We will continue to plant ourselves on the ground to build and grow, everywhere.

I thank the IDF soldiers who arrived immediately to catch the terrorist and assist the residents, “Dagan said.

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