“At Samp 17 positive. I asked to play Inter-Samp …”


Massimo spoke at Radio Marte during the broadcast “The net is inflating” by Raffaele Auriemma Ferrero, president of Sampdoria who spoke about the resumption of Serie A:

“We are happy with the resumption of Serie A, starting the championship means that the coronavirus monster is disappearing and we can return to normal. We fought against an invisible enemy but I always said that with the right conditions we could start again and now we are there ”.

CLEAR MATCHES – “I don’t know what Spadafora said, he does politics and we do football and therefore it should be clarified and specified what he really meant. It is one thing to say it and one thing is to do it. I was afraid? Yes, because I didn’t have wings to fly, if I had been Icarus I wouldn’t have been afraid but I’m Ferrero and I experienced this tremendous punishment in normalcy and in the hope of love and life. I was the most damaged, I play football and cinema and both were stopped. But I love both worlds, and I waited for them, now we are leaving again “.

PAY-TV – “There are no disputes, there are agreements that must be respected. Sky needs football and football needs Sky. I would lower my tone a bit, let’s go back to sport because there has been a lot of talk in this period, the best word is sometimes the unspoken one. We hope to finish the championship and return to normal. Everyone speaks, the scientific committee, the government that counts many people to decide. It would be better to keep quiet. I understand everyone but just not knowing what this COVID-19 is, I shut up. Until the vaccine arrives, we will have to pray to God ”.

RESTART – “The important thing is to start again. Sampdoria will play with everyone, who is better wins. We don’t fear Inter as well as the other teams. I asked to deal with the recoveries first, maybe we would also need a bit of luck. Now we have Inter, Rome, Bologna and Spal: we will have fun. ”

POSITIVE SAMPDORIA – “We have been hit before, even our doctor I love very much is better. The boys are fine, calm and want to play. This thing is very sad, because we don’t know this disease. We had between 15 and 17 positive people, it’s not a joke. The boys are happy, calm, they are training, we are happy to be able to start playing again “.

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