At European borders also blocked the bone marrow


The rush of European states to close borders, in the first weeks of the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, has created circulation problems. But it’s not just about people or commercial goods. At European borders, personal protective equipment (such as masks) and life-saving materials, such as the bone marrow.

This was announced by the minutes of a video conference of the Advisory Forum of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which met on 17 March. During the meeting, experts from the ECDC, WHO and member countries had discussed the measures to be implemented, analyzing the various problems caused by the start of the new coronavirus in Europe. The document, viewed by AdnKronos, underlines the multiple problems related to the spread of the pandemic in Europe, including “the shortage of laboratory materials“in several Member States.

During the meeting, Frack Van Loock, representative of the European Commission, brought to the attention of the other participants in the Consultative Forum the obstacles caused by the border closure, that “has created much confusion and problems for the trade, not only for the goods, but also for medical transport essentials such as bone marrow, essential drugs and personal protective equipment“. This problem, Loock reported, had already been addressed the day before during a meeting between the ministers of health and those of the interior of the states of the European Union.

Obstacles to masks and bone marrow would be the consequence of different sizes adopted at the borders of the various countries, which made decisions without coordination, but in a disorderly way, as the member of the European Commission points out. Indeed, some states would have closed the borders for outgoing flows and others for the incoming ones. Thus, in the first two weeks of March, when the Covid-19 pandemic invaded Europe, devices necessary for the protection of health workers engaged in the fight against the emergency were blocked at the borders and “life-saving materials“like bone marrow, transplanted to treat serious immune diseases and blood cell tumors.

Later in the meeting, Loock also brought anti-a great threat“, represented by”advice from many quarters to look at the increase inherd immunity and to have less stringent measures“. The expert claimed, according to what is stated in the report that”such advice undermines all actions taken in the EU and that appropriate messages should be sent at all levels, including at WHO level, to combat these harmful messagesthe”.

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