at auction you can earn up to 1000 euros


There are thousands of SIM cards in the world and, although it is difficult to believe it, there are many fascinating people from this type of object with the aim of collecting the rarest numbers. The one to collect phone cards it’s a bit like the stamp collection, even if it’s one hunting much more difficult because there are so many rare numbers difficult to find.

The television program Hyenas aired a report about it revealing to all its spectators the great market of the phone cards. The service has developed a real auction to give everything to charity. In fact, for those lucky enough to own one, it is good to do a search on the net because it could be one of those that are worth a real fortune. Some even have an economic value of 1000.00 Euros.

SIM cards that are worth a fortune: here are the most sought after numbers.

Hyenas they decided to put up an auction to donate everything to the National Cancer Institute for charity. They asked the main telephone operators for help Tim, Vodafone is Wind Tre who participated with pleasure in this initiative. Here are some examples of SIM cards sold:

  • 393 XY9XXY9 donated by H3G, sold at auction for 343.00 Euros;
  • 320 XYZYZYZ donated by Wind, sold at auction for 856.00 Euros;
  • 342 XXXXXYY donated by Vodafone, seen at auction for 1920.00 Euros;
  • 33Y XXXXXXX donated by Tim and sold for 8600.00 Euros;
  • 339 YYXXXXX donated by Tim and sold for 2210.00 Euros.

There are many other numbers that are highly sought after by collectors precisely because they boast a very particular series of numbers. It is therefore advisable to look for old souvenirs boxes or drawers because maybe one is kept SIM phone worth.

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