At 111, he heals from coronavirus after a double quarantine


She is 111 years old and, after a double quarantine, she was cured of the coronavirus.

It is the oldest person in Chile who has now fully overcome the disease as confirmed by the authorities.

Juana Zúñiga had been hospitalized since 2014 in the “Italian Hogar” Hospice in the Nunoa neighborhood in Santiago when an epidemic from Covid-19 occurred in the facility on 10 April, which affected seven employees and 18 elderly people.

Placed in solitary confinement in a room with medical assistance, the over one hundred year old remained under control without having any contact with relatives or acquaintances for two quarantines equivalent to 28 days.

His complete recovery took place on May 10, but the confirmation took place only yesterday.

Juana, who will be 112 years old in two months, replied to journalists asking her how she felt: “Sometimes I am well and sometimes I am sick, because of the years I have. Before, time passed quickly because I was working. However, here they assist me well”.

Across the country there are over 82,000 infections, about 840 victims.

(Unioneonline / SS.)

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