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The British brand will produce 25 copies of the DB5 Bond driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger mission from 1964. Present all the (fake) accessories that 007 used against enemies: from oil and smoke sprayers that emit simulated substances to machine guns

Remember the James Bond adventures in Goldfinger mission from 1964? Yes exactly, the one with Sean Connery as 007 and Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore. And remember the Aston Martin led by the Scottish actor? Well, as reported on New York Times, the British brand of Gaydon has perfectly reconstructed the Bond DB5 in a sort of special edition, the “Goldfinger Continuation”, comprising 25 models. Inside are all the included devices, similar to the originals, that Her Majesty’s secret agent had available to fight his enemies: slick nebulizers, smoke mists, a retractable bullet-proof shield, a expulsion of the passenger, a spreader of nails, machine guns hidden in the fenders and telescopic masts. “The main challenge was to recreate the tools of the world of cinema and transfer them into a single consumer product. It worked perfectly with this model, ”said Chris Corbould, the special effects wizard in the James Bond films invited specifically to oversee the construction.

high fedelity

The 25 special pieces of the DB5 “Goldfinger Continuation” will be built in the Newport Pagnell facility which produced the other 898 units between 1963 and 1965. E all have already been booked. Once produced in the coming months, they will be delivered to their respective owners. The cars will be finished with the same Silver Birch paint scheme, the interior leather will be identical and the dashboard and indicators will be as faithful to those of the car in the film. “Ours is a brand that pays attention to authenticity – said the boss of Aston Martin Works, Paul Spiers -. We requested the driver’s seat from the same supplier who produced the original instrumentation in the 1960s ”.

but it is not the first

The British brand, however, is not the first to want to update some models that have made the history of past years, given that companies such as Land Rover, Jaguar and Porsche. The first renewing the original I Series sport utility vehicles, which appeared for the first time in ’48. The second modernizing the XJSS model. The third conceiving a new Porsche Classic Communication Management system, to update classic cars with modern functionality infotainment.

A navigator for the radar screen

Despite all the accessories included, the protective systems present in the film will not be reproduced ‘to perfection’: there will be no ejection seat or nail spreader, the oil and smoke sprayers emit simulated substances and machine guns do not (inevitably) fire ammunition. While most of the other accessories will be updated between dials and external parts to work properly. “The radar screen uses a mapping with today’s satellite navigation to show the position of the car at any time – added Spiers -, thus imitating the functionality of the car’s display in the film (which had a static map of seven counties in the south of England, ed) “. Instead, work is still being done on the phone’s functionality.

Cost difference

The most obvious difference between the “Continuation” and the original cars is the price. The base cost of a 1965 DB5, in fact, was 12,850 dollars (about 11,700 euros), the most modern edition 3.5 million dollars (3 million 190 thousand euros). An eye of the head. But still a real deal compared to the Bond DB5 sold at RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey (California) last August, for 5 million 770 thousand euros, or about 6 million 385 thousand dollars.

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