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Twenty-five lucky people in the world, ready to pay a sum that abundantly exceeds 3 million euros, will be able to drive and above all exhibit a perfect replica of the Aston Martin DB5 that James Bond drove for the first time in 1964 in ‘Goldfinger and which was the protagonist in several episodes of the adventures of the famous 007. Based on the experience gained with the construction of more specimens of the first DB5 – called Job 1 – and with the collaboration of EON Productions and the guro of special effects Chris Corbould, Aston Martin has in fact started production of the first specimens of the DB5 clone of 007.

The cars are complete with the devices (naturally made harmless) that were part of the equipment of the secret agent of Her Majesty, such as the machine guns hidden in the flashers, the rotating plates and the sunroof to make the passenger seat ‘eject’. All rigorously painted in Silver Birch silver, the replicas of James Bond’s DB5 are handmade, in 4,500 hours per copy, at the Heritage department of Aston Martini, and given the complexity of the construction, the price of 2.75 appears more than justified million pounds excluding taxes, therefore € 3.32 million. Note that the car is not approved for road use and probably most of the 25 specimens, all pre-sold, will end up in museums or private collections, starting from the end of the year when (it is not yet certain whether the delivery will take place in the Q Branch, the imaginary research and development department of the British secret services) the first cars will be withdrawn by the aspiring 007.


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