Asteroids, defenses in Italy. NASA has a program to divert them


Periodically yes speaks of dangers from heaven, of Asteroids approaching to Earth orbitbut then luckily these don’t have anyinfluence on our Planet. You will wonder, since we talk about it often enough and then nothing serious or irreparable happens, why talk about it?

We are in this period surrounded by an invisible enemy called a virus, there is a pandemic which has changed our lifestyle, for most of us the job, but above all has caused many infections, there are numerous people who will suffer damage from the disease, others who have not made it and have died. Yet man has always been a victim of virusesthere have always been epidemics and pandemics, even far more lethal than COVID-19.

We made the vaccines, but otherwise not enough has been invested to create defenses for an illness which is generating incalculable damage worldwide, as well as a devastating economic crisis.

Asteroids have struck Earth in the distant past, some have produced massive damage, climate change. But at least one of these has generated the end of life of a huge amount of living beings. Asteroids are therefore a danger to Earth, therefore.

In the past century, in the early 1900s, a Meteorite (a fragment of rocks smaller than an Asteroid) affected a large area of ​​Siberia, destroying millions of trees. If such a phenomenon were to affect a populated region it would causeand in a few moments victims like the explosion of several atomic bombs. It would leave no escape for anyone, there would be no time to reach any fallout shelters.

Meteorites and Asteroids travel at tens of kilometers per second.

NASA and ESA study the orbits of Asteroids and Meteorites, but the resources available, a bit like viruses, are swayed by the moods of Governments.

Especially the NASA has stated that Asteroids and Meteorites they are a real danger to the Earth, and that common resources between World Institutions are needed to finance research and above all programs to divert any dangers.

There is a program that could be activated in 2022 to deflect a Meteorite who will approach Earth, but if NASA has called for help from its director, it is not by chance.

It is possible, and we will not know, that some extraterrestrial rock has been identified in route to Earth in the future, and that the discovery is been secreted so as not to create worldwide alarmism. Maybe the times we have are wide, and therefore the imposed secret will serve to create a possible potential defense.

But are we sure it will be so?

THE Governments have seen that even in democracy they can limit our freedom, including that of thought. We experienced it with the lockdown, we see it with the risk of social censorship by the President of the USA.

There freedom we have has constraints that we never imagined were there.

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