Assembly of 30 motorcycles on the highway: chaos and injuries


It happened in France where a group of motorcyclists invaded the A1 highway in Saint-Denis, driving in the opposite direction of travel. In the pursuit, a policeman was injured

Despite having the opportunity to ride a motorcycle freely, there are those who find ways to break the rules, such as the group of 30 motorcyclists which caused quite a few problems last week on theA1 highway near the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis, nearby Paris. Law enforcement agencies have been alerted about the group: too many people together, at night, who enter the highway by motorbike.

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The dynamics

Unfortunately many members of the centaur group did not want to stop at the police calls and eight of them were arrested. But it didn’t end there. Someone managed to escape, followed by a police officer, also on a motorbike. During the’Chase, the agent was involved in an accident with a car: the two vehicles collided and the man was brought, still conscious, hospital Delafontaine of Saint-Denis. The agent reported broken wrist and some internal injuries.

Shortly after the incident, the centaurs continued to create problems on the highway, driving in the opposite direction of travel until’arrest by the police. Four of them, however, were injured.

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