assault on the nightlife, Del Bono closes Piazzale Arnaldo


We seem to have learned nothing. The tents outside the hospitals, the March mortality increased by 290% (Istat data), the hundreds of cinerary urns lined up at the Vantiniano, the hero doctors and nurses: all forgotten. As soon as the lockdown for bars and restaurants was over, on the first Friday useful thousands of young people (and not only) rushed to crowd the premises, as if nothing had happened.

This is what happened in Piazzale Arnaldo last night, so much so that the Municipality had to send the local police to prevent new access. In the end it always takes the gendarme, asking the Italians for responsibility (and a little self-discipline) is practically impossible, even with thousands of deaths behind them; dead who still continue.

Yes, that doesn’t ask much: social distancing and avoiding gatherings. But no, all rushing to the same place as pecoroni, just because that place is trendy; and to hell with public health. Then there are those who babble about authoritarian status when they see two more police cars: they are probably the same ones who crowded the premises yesterday.

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“Saturday I will sign an order to close Piazza Arnaldo in the evening for this weekend – said Mayor Del Bono -. Too many people, gatherings despite the significant presence of local police. So it is good to give a clear signal. During the week it will be defined with managers of the premises and with the help of the Police Headquarters the management of the square and the surrounding streets during the evening “.

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