Asprilla and sex therapy: ‘Crespo was desperate, he didn’t score. Here’s how I unlocked it ‘| A league


Don’t you score? the Problem is sex. This is more or less the juice of the nice anecdote that can be read on Tyc Sports, in which Faustino Asprilla, interviewed by Carlos Valderrama, explains how in Parma’s time he helped Hernan Crespo to find the right feeling with the opponent’s goal. “The first few months he was massacred by people and he could not silence them. He was desperate, so Gustavo Mascardi (his agent) called me saying: “The boy is afraid, can you go talk to him?”. When I saw him I asked him a question: “How long have you been making love?” He replied, “Six months.” I had a Colombian friend, so I introduced him to him and they started dating, making love and from then on he never stopped scoring. The problem was that he didn’t make love. “

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