Ascani: the school cannot be reduced to distance learning, reduced to a minimum since September


The school with distance learning cannot fulfill its role of giving equal opportunities to everyone: this is what the Deputy Minister for Education Anna Ascani says.

The deputy minister Anna Ascani speaking at an initiative of the CGIL talks about distance teaching and the future of the school.

According to Ascani, school with distance learning alone does not play its role of giving equal opportunities to everyone because it cannot “pull the kids away from a context that can be uncomfortable and take them to a space where everyone has the same opportunities “.

For any reopening in September, in view of the new school year, the deputy minister for education hopes that distance learning “will be limited to the minimum or we hope that the idea that mixed education can be had is canceled”.

This wish is above all for younger children, more penalized by not being present in the classroom, but also for secondary school pupils.

Ascani underlines the extraordinary response that the school has been able to give to an emergency situation that is unprecedented “by teachers but also by families. Distance learning made us turn on a beacon on the conditions of inequality and fragility “.

The deputy minister, then, recalls that before the emergency, “I was working on a ‘Let’s get over the gaps’ plan aimed at recomposing the starting points, to guarantee equal conditions” and to make sure that “the idea that the school can still act as a social lift ”. The Gap, according to Ascani “is filled only in presence. We must carry the legacy of these weeks “.

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