Ascani: final greeting in attendance, the NO of the scientific technical committee arrives.


Deputy Minister Ascani took part in the conference organized by Spazioleo Ic 3 Modena in collaboration with Giunti Scuola, CampuStore, Marconi Service / USR Emilia-Romagna.

After a premise in which she declared herself more than satisfied with the school’s reaction to the emergency, a compact reaction, which showed adaptability and flexibility on the part of the entire school community that met in the face of an absolutely unexpected emergency: family, teachers, students and school staff and everyone got involved», has entered into the merits of the questions, requests and doubts that haunt families in recent days.

What will happen in September?

“The Bianchi technical-scientific committee affirmed the need for younger children to go back to school, to restore their presence, and that there is no different version of school that can still be practiced in September.

This leads us to say that «we will need more staff; it will be necessary to have a more extensive curriculum with disciplines that over time have left themselves a bit like art, sport, music, coding and we will have to multiply spaces.

Together with the Municipalities and Provinces, it will be necessary to identify the spaces that will be needed and to put them in safety in a very short time.

We will have to have “community agreements”: we will see inside the school and outside the school real communities that will collaborate to make special projects, which will become an integral part ».

Secondary secondary school?

«A mixed teaching can be hypothesized but it is necessary to reflect on the consequences also on the development of the children». We will therefore have to decide calmly.

Nursery schools?

«The summer center is not good because they are unsuitable activities for children so young that they need dedicated spaces, dedicated professionalism, who have however lost a large part of their sociability. We asked the technical scientific committee for authorization to open the services dedicated to 0-3 in respect of the safety of the operators and the families of the children because the distancing with them is difficult to practice, therefore even more caution is needed in the organization of summer services for this age group. “

Last day at school?

And now the topic much discussed these days!

The proposal for the greeting for the last day of school was born “from a need of the boys but also of the teachers, because when a child, a boy, concludes a phase of his life, in particular the children of the fifth grade, of the third media, and the upper fifth, is the link with the teachers that is very important. I have heard many teachers who would like to be able to greet children and young people and simply give them a good luck live. It is obvious that it is not necessarily done in school. If the safety conditions are not there, it can be done in a park, one class at a time. I understand the concerns, however, I believe that we must throw our hearts over the obstacle. The next hours will therefore be the good hours to study together how, open spaces, one class at a time, in groups, on a voluntary basis in the sense that we will not force students to come to school. But I think it must be made possible. It would be a good sign from the school that after having done so much distance teaching, having made an unparalleled effort, it also says attention that school is not only this, we know that there is a relational side that we will fully recover in September but in the meantime let’s say goodbye so”.

Very poetic idea we could add !! But every parent and every teacher, putting legitimate emotions aside, realizes that going back to school could prove to be a disaster. Certainly the children would not know how to comply with the safety rules, despite the invitations from the teachers. And then after all this time what sense would it be to meet again if we were forced to stay at a distance?

The reasoning applies not only if you decide to bring the kids back to class, but also if you choose the other option proposed by the deputy minister. In recent days the minister had spoken of “final greeting in a museum”. But whatever the location, the idea does not seem applicable. Reopening schools is now substantially impossible: the health of hundreds of thousands of families would be jeopardized, also because there are still many institutions that have not been sanitized, as necessary. In addition, the school spaces have not yet been set up so as to be able to maintain the famous “safety distance”. Welcoming the kids in a museum or park is an even greater absurdity: even if the idea can arouse approval, in the first case these are places with precise indications that limit their use; in the second case, the outdoor space is even more difficult to manage the spacing. If you want to extend the possibility to children of the last year of primary school or childhood, this is complicated: how to avoid the “contact” between children and teachers, accustomed to having it? Are we so sure that a child used to meeting, to embrace his teacher does not feel the need after three months of not seeing each other? Are we really sure that they will fully understand the request to stay at a distance without psychological repercussions?

Meanwhile, some mayors and principals taken from emotional enthusiasm have already declared their willingness to find suitable spaces for the purpose.

But to answer our questions the technical scientific committee of experts intervened in these last hours saying no to the greeting on the last day of school for children and young people who have finished a school cycle, ie fifth grade and third grade.

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