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Arkane Studios celebrate i 20 years with an interesting trailer celebratory and making available free his first title, Arx Fatalis.

Since the opening of its offices in Lyon, France, twenty years ago, then expanded with the studio in Austin, Texas, Arkane Studios has produced some of the most innovative and memorable adventures on the gaming scene, which was also mentioned in the Noclip documentary.

Players explored the dangerous and bleak dungeons of Arx Fatalis, the cold and foggy streets of Dunwall in Dishonored, the sunny landscapes of Karnaka in Dishonored 2 and the disturbing space corridors of Talos I in Prey.

Arkane games have been among the most awarded in the past decade. Dishonored won the Game of the Year 2012 award at The Game Awards, Dishonored 2 won more than 100 awards and nominations for “Best of 2016” and Prey earned over 100 awards and nominations in the year of its release.

Over the next three weeks, Bethesda will celebrate its twentieth birthday with giveaways, videos, AMA, behind the scenes and more. Follow to participate in live broadcasts with Arkane developers and special guests.

Players can celebrate with other fans by joining the new Arkane Outsiders community.

By joining the Arkane Outsiders and signing up for email communications before May 31 at 4pm, players will receive a free digital copy of Arx Fatalis, the studio’s first game, via the launcher.

They will also receive a digital copy of the “The Art of Arkane” artbook for entry into the fan club.

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