Arthur until the end, Paratici does not give up: to the bitter end with Barcelona


TURIN – Hot line, continuous contacts. Juventus and Barcelona are increasingly complicit and allied to be able to complete the first major operation of the post Coronavirus era. Upon completion of the super puzzle ArthurPjanicDe Sciglio they hold a great deal both at the Camp Nou and around the Continassa. Budgetary reasons mix with technical ones. All reasons that push the two clubs, in agreement for weeks on the economic side of a 60 million operation, to want to get to the finish in a short time. In Spanish circles they seem to be even more in a hurry than Juventus. For days, everything has been in Arthur’s hands. The black and white dg Fabio Paratici he wants the Brazilian at all costs and for several reasons: technical (he is an ideal dribbling midfielder for the game of Maurizio Sarri), economic (it would cost half of Pjanic in terms of engagement) and personal data (the Brazilian is six years younger than the Bosnian). The Juventus director, thanks also to the valuable work of some intermediaries, is making an unrestrained court for the former Gremio.

The player’s yes has not yet come, but more for reasons related to the difficulty of greeting Barcelona. Arthur did not think he was on the market and struggled to accept it. For some days, however, the wall seems to have turned into a hedge. Especially since the father of the Brazilian midfielder, the boy’s first and most listened adviser, has convinced himself that the right thing is to remove the trouble from Camp Nou to feel important in black and white. Arthur senior is trying to make this thought metabolize even to his son, increasingly proud of the determination with which Juventus is looking for him, but not yet fully convinced.

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