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The ministry of sport has issued guidelines for basic sports and motor activity in general. A document that aims to provide the general indications and mitigation actions necessary to accompany the resumption of sport, following the lockdown for the Covid-19 emergency, to which all those who manage, for whatever reason, sports sites, or who in any case have responsibility for them, must comply and also constitute the reference framework for the further indications provided on the matter at regional level. From May 25, in fact, in Italy these structures will become available again while for Lombardy a regional ordinance will force the plants to wait for the first of June.

“The goal is to establish a general and unitary policy and is of a temporary nature and strictly linked to the emergency – reads the document -. It is declined for the individual sports disciplines by the respective national sports federations, by the associated sports disciplines and by the sports promotion bodies, recognized by CONI and CIP, through specific application protocols “. The Guidelines are based on the technical and scientific contribution of the Report called “Sport restarts safely”.

The full document can be consulted by clicking here. You can read the most important contents and tricks to follow below.

Within the site, the ability to comply with the following hygiene requirements must be guaranteed:

  • wash your hands frequently, also through special disinfectant gel dispensers;
  • maintain the minimum interpersonal distance of 1 m in case of absence of physical activity;
  • maintain the minimum interpersonal distance adequate for the intensity of the exercise, however not less than 2 meters. Further detailed indications may be defined by the specific Protocols issued by the National Sports Federations and Associated Sports Disciplines of reference, as well as by the Italian Sports Medical Federation;
  • never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
  • sneezing and / or coughing in a tissue avoiding contact of the hands with respiratory secretions; if you do not have a handkerchief available, sneeze into the inner fold of the elbow;
  • avoid leaving clothing worn for physical activity in places shared with others, but store them in backpacks or personal bags and, once you have returned home, wash them separately from other clothing;
  • always drink from disposable glasses or personalized bottles;
  • immediately dispose of paper tissues or other used materials (well sealed) in suitable containers.

For the purpose of implementing good hygiene practices, the following must be made available:

  • information procedures posted on the sports site, in the access areas, in the common areas, in the sports activity areas, as well as in the changing rooms and toilets;
  • sanitizing gel;
  • collection system dedicated to potentially infected waste (e.g. disposable handkerchiefs, masks / respirators);
  • indications on the correct methods and times of ventilation of the premises;
  • specific air filtering activities in closed rooms with a high density of people or activities, for example through air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters intended to decrease the amount of aerosols; sanitization at each shift change;
  • prohibit the exchange of sports devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) between sports operators and personnel present on the sports site;

In addition, those who practice the activity have the obligation:

  • to disinfect their personal belongings and not to share them (water bottles, handkerchiefs, tools, etc.);
  • to arrive at the site already suitably dressed for the activity that will take place or in such a way as to use common spaces to change and equipped with sealing bags for the collection of potentially infected waste;
  • not to touch objects and fixed signs. Particular hygiene and safety provisions must be arranged for the use of changing rooms, showers and toilets, in which the operators of the sports center must provide for quota access to these spaces, avoid use of common applications, such as hair dryers, etc … which, if necessary, must be brought from home. These spaces must be subjected to constant cleaning and sanitation procedures, in relation to the number of people and the shifts of access to these spaces.
  • Where possible, you must arrive at the site already dressed in a manner suitable for the activity that will take place, or in such a way as to use common areas only for changes of minimum clothing or requiring less time, storing everything in special sealing containers. For the methods of access to swimming pools, which inevitably require the use of toilets, changing rooms / showers, personnel must be provided to ensure compliance with the basic health protection hygiene measures, as well as distance, and the measures prepared by the Implementing protocols issued by the reference sports body.

Gyms and swimming pools in Lombardy closed until May 31st

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