arrests in Sicily and Campania


Coronavirus: data updated by Johns Hopkins University. United States close to 100 thousand dead. Latin America in full pandemic

There are almost 5.5 million cases of coronavirus in the world. According to the latest report updated by Johns Hopkins University, the number of infections has reached 5,497,532, with the United States leading the ranking with 1,662,768 cases followed by Brazil, with 374,898 cases, and Russia, with 353,427. As for the victims – Adnkronos reveals this morning – there are 346,269 worldwide, with the United States having 98,223 deaths, then the United Kingdom with 36,996 and Italy with 32,877 deaths. There have been 532 deaths from coronaviruses in the United States in the last 24 hours. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America continue to be felt, with a new strong increase in the last 24 hours of both infections (765,662, +31,000), and of the dead (41.462, +1.600). This is what emerges from a statistical processing carried out by the ANSA on data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. Brazil, solidly the second most affected country in the world after the United States, recorded 374,898 infections and 23,473 deaths. Peru (123,979 and 3,626), and Chile (73,997 and 761) follow.

Italy: political storm on “civic assistants”. Government clarifications, opposition still on a war footing

The “ministers directly interested in the project will continue in the next few hours in finalizing the details of this initiative, which aims, through the Civil Protection, to satisfy Anci’s request to be able to avail itself, for the duration of the health emergency, of subjects called to carry out, free of charge, voluntary services, with the purpose of mere utility and social solidarity, also through the Third sector network “. The clarification comes from the Prime Minister at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi yesterday evening between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and ministers Luciana Lamorgese, Francesco Boccia and Nunzia Catalfo on the project of civic assistants. Yesterday the opposition and some regional presidents had contested the initiative launched by Minister Boccia, speaking of useless and dangerous “patrols”. This initiative, sources from Palazzo Chigi also clarify, “is part of the riverbed of those already employed by the Civil Protection, which have led to the displacement of over 2,300 volunteers in the various hospital structures, in the Rsa and in prisons. These voluntary subjects will not be in charge of public service and their activity will have nothing to do with the activities traditionally carried out by the police force “. But the government’s clarifications do not appease the protests, also gathered by various voices from civil society and the media.

Report / 1: anti-mafia operation called “Jungo”. 46 arrests in the provinces of Catania, Messina, Trapani and Rimini.

Anti-mafia operation of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Catania who carried out an order of precautionary custody and preventive kidnapping against 46 people this morning disarticulating the Brunetto clan, linked to Cosa Nostra represented by the Santapaola-Herculaneum family, a hegemon in much of the Ionian area of ​​the Etnea area. The restrictive measure, issued by the investigating magistrate at the request of the Catania District Prosecutor, hypothesizes – writes Ansa – in various capacities the crimes of mafia association, trafficking and drug dealing and extortion aggravated by the mafia method. The operation, called “Jungo”, with 46 arrests two of which at house arrest, was carried out in the provinces of Catania, Messina, Trapani and Rimini.

Chronicle / 2: operation in Naples against organized crime. 37 arrests for drug dealing, extortion, illegal port of arms

Extensive operation of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Naples against organized crime and drug trafficking. 37 measures are in progress (35 arrests and two residence obligations). Since dawn, the military of the provincial command of Naples have been carrying out two orders issued by the investigating magistrates of the Courts of Naples and Torre Annunziata. The first, carried out in Marano under the coordination of the DDA of Naples, led to the arrest of 16 people contiguous to the “Polverino” clan, seriously suspected of the crimes of association for crimes aimed at drug trafficking and the fictitious registration of goods, aggravated by the mafia method. In Torre Annunziata, however, under the coordination of the public prosecutor’s office, 19 people were arrested and 2 affected by the measure of the obligation to stay for the crime of possession of drugs for the purpose of drug dealing, replacement of person, extortion, illegal port of arms and ideological falsity committed by the private individual.


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