“Around him incandescent climate”, the decision of the Varese Prefecture – Libero Quotidiano


Attilio Fontana under escort. The decision came from the Varese Prefecture which, two days ago, entrusted the president of the Lombardy Region with a car with an agent. The news was reported by the newspaper La Stampa which talks about a measure due after “the climate around the Lombard governor has become incandescent” with two murals, in Milan, to which he is apostrophized as a “killer” and after numerous threats on the web. This is a “fourth level” measure.

Flyers were posted a few days ago on the walls of public housing in the Gratosoglio district of Milan. On which the inscription “Assassin Fountain” once again stood out. The same sentence had appeared on a wall along the Martesana canal. The leaflet is targeted by the governor, guilty – according to them – of a “criminal management of the coronavirus emergency”: “Massacres in the Rsa. Delay in paying the layoffs. Chaos in public hospitals. Millions of euros spent on the useless hospital at the fair. Failure to apply the measures necessary to contain the infection “. All his fault for those who have not yet understood that Lombardy is the most populated region in Italy and the spread of Covid was inevitable.

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