Armstrong: “I decided to tell the whole truth. The Italians killed Pantani”


Lance Armstrong narrated himself in a long documentary. The former American cyclist has confessed many unpublished background.

“I decided to tell all my truth”. Lance Armstrong it was told in a long documentary-film made by Marina Zenovich. The former cyclist can be considered the greatest swindler in the history of sport. The first encounter between Armstrong and doping took place early, only 21 years old. Lance relies on growth hormone to win the Oslo world championship in 1993 (“They all overtook me, I got tired of falling behind, of going out defeated. I wanted to start winning and never stop. It became an obsession”). Shooting hormones in the body on a devastating choice for his body: the devastating testicular and brain tumor that Lance managed to overcome came. From returning to racing, Armstrong never stopped. He tried all kinds of doping substances “With the embarrassment of not even having to defend myself since I was the hero for everyone who had defeated a tumor and therefore above all suspicions”. In 1998 he met the EPO and was a fatal attraction: “Everyone used it, it was a drug that made you go very fast without health risks, unlike the hormones that made you grow good and bad things, such as cancer”.

There is also room for Italians in this documentary. They are not sweet words, on the other hand, the reference is always to doping. “Italy glorifies Ivan Basso, holds him in high esteem, offers him a job and invites him on TV. Yet he is not very different from me or Jan Ullrich. Italy demolished and killed Pantani, Germany despises Ullrich but loves Zabel who was also doped. And Pantani is dead, fucking dead. “

Lance is not proud of three things. “I ruined the life of Emma O’Reilly, my masseuse, by threatening her and publicly giving her a prostitute for exposing me. She only told the truth.” The second one: “I ruined the career and life of Filippo Simeoni, the racer who denounced my relationship with Dr. Ferrari. I could have put him in a corner and threatened him, I did it like a mafia boss during the live broadcast of the Tour”. The third: “I was obscene when I planted my wife Kristine and the kids to flirt with the starlet on duty. Two days after leaving home I was already on the covers with a glass in my hand.”

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