Armored streets in Rome, 200 demonstrate in the center: “The virus is a trick”. VIDEO


Among the participants “there are also representatives of CasaPound”, said one of the spokesmen on the megaphone, also present members of the ‘orange vests’. The protest, which caused moments of tension, was launched by the Facebook group “March on Rome ”
Moments of tension in the center of Rome during the spontaneous demonstration launched on the Facebook group “March on Rome”. Protesters with raised arms approached the riot police cordon that blocked his way. “Here are people who don’t eat. There are people who have not taken a salary for 4 months. We are hungry “say the demonstrators, some wrapped in the Italian flag, intending to reach Montecitorio.” They made us die “, shouts a woman from Bergamo. Among the participants” there are also representatives of CasaPound “, said one of the spokesmen who speaks to the megaphone. In addition to the far right movement, there are also exponents of the ‘orange vests’. (LIVE – THE UPDATES IN ROME)

The rally in Rome: “The virus is a trick”

About 200 people started the unannounced demonstration that left the center of Rome. The protesters reached Piazza Venezia with the intention of arriving in Montecitorio. Law enforcement officers intervened on the site to block access to the streets towards Montecitorio. “The virus it’s a trick to inventing the crisis, “shouted the demonstrators who, after being contained by the police cordons at the beginning of Via del Corso, organized a sit-in at the center of the crossroads.” We want to say to the government that the virus he is a Trojan horse, he does not exist – he explains yet – and for this reason many today do not wear a mask. They are making us fail, I don’t know what their political plan is, they want to redo the social rules. They want to confine us and register us all. “” If we are here today it is because we are really desperate, “a group of women from Bergamo told the agents get to Rome. “We are decent people – said one of them – you are my brother. We are all Italians. “” Let us pass on that it is the right thing, “said another.

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