“Are civic assistants madness? Pull the plug on the government” – Libero Quotidiano


Needless to say, the proposal arrived from Francesco Boccia of the 60 thousand civic assistants made the majority and the opposition indignant and not without distinction. To further criticize the idea of ​​the Minister for Regional Affairs Matteo Renzi who thundered: “Civic assistants are madness. A minister has announced the creation of a body of 60,000 civic assistants. Boh, only to me it seems madness aimed at to have visibility? As often happens I think like Matteo Orfini. Wouldn’t it be better to enhance the third sector and the civil service more? “.

Immediate reply by Giorgia Meloni who launches an appeal to end the Giallorossi executive: “Warn Renzi and Orfini that their parties are in government. If they too do not like this government and crazy ideas like civic assistants, just pull the plug. , do not act as ‘influencers who criticize’ on social media and then keep the executive on its feet so as not to give up the chair “he dismissed the matter in a twitter post.

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