APU Ryzen 4000, Intel Xe and Nvidia Ampere will be presented in August


HotChips has just published the full program of the annual event to be held in California in August on its website. Numerous presentations include that of Intel on the architecture of the new ones GPU Xe, a presentation by Nvidia on the next generation of GPU and that of AMD on the new ones APU Ryzen at 7nm.

First of all it must be said that HotChips is an event dedicated mostly to industry professionals in which manufacturers illustrate their new architectures and technologies to companies and developers, as a result, the presentations are likely to focus heavily on products aimed at the enterprise market and we will hardly be able to see in detail what will arrive on the shelves of the consumer market. However, both the presentation of Nvidia and that of Intel find their place in the category “GPUs and Gaming Architectures“, It is therefore reasonable to expect some juicy news on the future of gaming not only in the console sector (as confirmed by the deepening of Microsoft on the Xbox Series X), but also in the PC sector.

In the case of AMD, the presentation will focus on the new 7nm APUs, the Renoir of the 4000 series expectations for the desktop sector. The event is scheduled for Monday 17 August at 12:00 (17:00 Italian time). During the presentation, the representatives of Team Red should illustrate the new APU lineup and explore the features and news that accompany the new generation, including the SoCs that will be available.

Intel’s conference, however, will be held at 17:30 (00:30 in Italy) with the name of “The Xe GPU Architecture“. The company will present the architecture of the new discrete video cards, so we can finally start to get an idea of ​​what the performance of Intel’s proposals in the field of dedicated GPUs is and what any variants for the gaming sector could reserve for us.

At the same time the presentation of Nvidia, called “NVIDIA’s Next Generation GPU: Performance and Innovation for GPU Computing“. In this case the company should delve into the new architecture Ampere and all the news that accompanies it, which will prove to be an interesting event to understand in which direction the company has worked and what the new graphics cards could reserve for us. It is an event addressed to professionals but at least we can begin to understand what awaits us in the next generation of GPUs, especially in relation to the now imminent launch of the new console Microsoft is Sony.

As anticipated, therefore, there is no need to have too high expectations at least for the consumer sector. However, it will undoubtedly be an important event that will give us a taste of everything we will see next year and, more importantly, it will allow us to understand how the new competitor in the sector of dedicated video cards, Intel, intends to move.

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