Apple iPhone, the millionaire fine for early obsolescence is confirmed by the Lazio TAR –


For Apple and its iPhones it was sanction confirmed by the Antitrust Authority for the case of early obsolescence applied to its devices, with the TAR of Lazio which rejected the request to revise the decision thus confirming what had been decided by the Competition and Market Authority.

It is a fine from 10 million euros for Apple, which therefore remains valid and confirmed by the Lazio TAR, to which the company had applied for a possible review or cancellation of the sanction, a move that evidently turned against it, given that the TAR has rejected the request.

The sanction came after the Italian Antitrust investigation carried out in 2018, which ended by recognizing Apple guilty of unfair commercial practices and aggressive, focused on updating devices with negative consequences for users, without them being properly communicated.

The question concerns i worsening detected in the performance of devices such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s following the application of the iOS 10 and 10.1.2 updates, which made people discuss a few years ago, highlighting the case of early obsolescence induced by Apple’s software updates, which would encourage the purchase of new devices making the situation worse than the old ones.

The Lazio TAR recognized Apple’s misconduct, claiming that they were updates were suggested to users of these devices, effectively leading them to the error by performing the update, considering that this proved to be counterproductive for the performance of smartphones.

“By not providing adequate consumer assistance to restore the existing functionality of phones damaged by updates, in fact Apple has accelerated the replacement process with new iPhone models taking an economic advantage “, reports the TAR decision in this regard, which therefore confirms the sanction previously decided.

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