App Immuni, Friuli renounces experimentation


Letter from the Governor Fedriga to the State-Regions Conference: the region withdraws its willingness to test the Immuni app: “A little shrewd solution that risks generating panic or frustrating the effectiveness of the app”
The Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, has withdrawn the availability of his Region for testing the Immuni app, and has written a letter to be sent to the Conference of the Regions containing the reasons for this choice. “As far as we learn – explains Fedriga – Immuni will not foresee the reconstruction of the chain of contacts of the subjects who have tested positive results, as required by the Region in order to integrate the work done today manually evenly, but to send a text message to the citizens came into contact with an infected person “.

“Burden falls on citizens, ineffective solution”


Coronavirus, the Immuni app will be tested in three regions

According to Fedriga, “this means that we will move from a management entrusted to the Health Services to a direct action (and without the support of professionals) of the citizens, who will have the burden of calling the general practitioner: a little shrewd solution that is likely to cause panic or, if the citizen decides not to contact the attending physician, to frustrate the effectiveness of the app, “concludes the Governor.

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