Antonio Pappalardo, the general of the orange vests against Conte and coronavirus. He was undersecretary in the Ciampi – Libero Quotidiano government


Every time he pulls an air of revolt, he ends up in the square Antonio Pappalardo. The volcanic leader of the orange vests, “invented” in 2019 as the Italian counterpart of the Frenchthe yellow vests (with little luck), he had already driven i pitchforks and the Tir revolt, that some unease in Sicily had actually created it. General of the carabinieri on leave, president of the Cocer dell’Arma for ten years, idol of Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzo a The mosquito. Beyond folklore, however, perhaps not everyone knows that the 74-year-old had a past in leading politics: he was Social Democrat Member and Undersecretary for Finance of Ciampi government (not exactly an adventurist), although only 2 weeks due to a defamation sentence.

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