Another outburst for Al Bano: “If it should go badly I wouldn’t fare well with 1470 euros of pension”


In recent days, the declarations of Al Bano Carrisi on its current economic situation. The lockdown and the economic crisis have also affected the “king” of Cellino San Marco, who cannot return to perform on stage and like many entrepreneurs is worried about his farm. “I only have exits, no entrances. Filing here and there, with the right precautions, I go on for a year“, the singer admitted to the weekly Diva e Donna a few days ago, before making new statements to the AGI news agency.

If things continued unfortunately to go wrong and one day I had to live alone pension I won’t get along so well“said Al Bano, who, like all Italians, is experiencing the effects of the lockdown on his skin. In addition to the income deriving from his artistic activity, which is currently at a standstill, Al Bano Carrisi manages a large farm in Cellino San Marco, where he produces excellent wines and more. Inside it has also created a hotel and a restaurant, which currently do not yet welcome tourists, as happens in the rest of Italy. Stillness is causing many concerns to Al Bano, who has begun to think about a different future, which seems to give him some economic thought: “My check amounts to 1470 euros per month. Until a few months ago there were only 1370. I do not understand how it is possible since in my life I have always paid contributions, since I was a farmer here in Puglia and then a metalworker in Milan“Al Bano Carrisi told AGI. Unexpected words from a world famous Italian music giant.

Before the lockdown, Al Bano had concerts scheduled in various parts of the planet: “In Russia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Spain, China and Australia“. Now the world of art and events is firm until a date to be destined. There are no guarantees for a reopening and there is not even a valid and safe protocol to be able to think of a resumption of the shows as we were used to It is impossible to even think of giving the go-ahead to concerts, given the risks that can still arise from the gatherings and it is known that during the events it is impossible to guarantee the social distancing necessary to avoid the spread of the virus. Al Bano thinks of himself but also to his colleagues and show business workers, who have been out of work and without prospects since March: “I calculated that my savings will keep me quiet for two years. If I’m in difficulty me, let alone the others“.

Sandra Milo’s striking gesture of a few days ago fits into this logic of thought, when the actress, exhausted by the situation, decided to chain herself in Piazza Colonna in front of Palazzo Chigi. A blatant manifestation that has achieved its purpose, so much so that the actress was received by Giuseppe Conte. A gesture, that of Milo, which meets the favor of Al Bano: “Accessing the chambers of power should be simpler, for now I don’t have in mind put chains, but if needed, I wouldn’t back down“On June 15, the government gave the green light to the reopening for events with a maximum limit of 200 spectators indoors and 1000 outdoors, unimaginable numbers for Al Bano:”I could not even cover the expenses for the technicians“. With the income from his art, Al Bano runs his farm and pays the costs of the 50 employees. Currently the only source of income for Al Bano are his wines, which for some time have also found space in supermarkets. , where it seems they are highly appreciated.

On 20 June the accommodation facilities of Al Bano will reopen, which was not in favor of the initiative undertaken by its employees due to the rules which, according to him, would not allow to guarantee the typical welcome for which Italy is famous: “My employees insisted, organized themselves into a cooperative and will manage them, only a percentage will go to me“Despite the lockdown, Al Bano has still made a gift in recent months, buying another two hectares of land for his estate.”Half of them I will dedicate to the vineyard, half to sowing“said the singer from Cellino San Marco, whose land now extends well 152 hectares.

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