Another obstacle for Ursula. Viktor Orban: “Absurd and perverse recovery fund”


The Recovery Fund proposed by the European Commission is “absurd and perverse”: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the state broadcaster Kossuth Rßdió, explaining that “financing the rich with the money of the poor is not a good idea”. According to the Commission’s figures, which envisage a € 750 billion recovery fund, Hungary would have a total of € 15 billion reserved, of which € 8.1 billion non-refundable and € 6.9 billion in loans.

Hungary risks joining, for other reasons, the list of countries (the so-called 4 frugal: Austria, Denmark, Holland, Sweden) that are moving in the direction of the “Next Generation EU” plan presented by Ursula von der Leyen, which serves unanimity to the European Council and national parliaments.

Among these, the most fierce is Holland. “No extra money for southern Europe” writes the Dutch weekly Elsevier weekbland, specifying that “Merkel and Macron want to give 500 billion euros to the most affected EU countries, especially in the south”, but “the facts show that this it is perverse. ” According to the weekly “the facts show that the countries of southern Europe are not poor at all and have enough money or access to money. They can also easily improve the earning power of their economies, with reforms such as those already implemented in the North. ”

In the land of Ursula, however, there is consensus. Over 50% of Germans believe the Recovery fund launched by Brussels last Tuesday to be ‘right’ or ‘very right’: a survey by the Civey Institute and published in Spiegelonline reveals it. To the question: “How do you evaluate the EU Commission’s proposal for a European recovery fund of the size of 750 billion?” 26.3% of the interviewees replied: “very right”, 25.4% “right”, 15.4% are undecided, 10.8% “wrong” and 22.1% “very wrong” . Half of the respondents said they were in favor, and a third of the sample opposed it.

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