Another alien insect arrives after the samurai wasp: it must fight the midges


After the samurai wasp against the bug, the Ganaspis brasiliensis (pictured) against drosophila suzukii.

There Edmund Mach Foundation received authorization from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to introduce specimens of Ganaspis brasiliensis strain G1 origin Tokyo (Japan) from the laboratory of the University of California Berkeley – Insectary & Quarantine Facility, to be used for experimentation in a confined and isolated environment subject to “quarantine” conditions.

After having therefore equipped itself with the necessary quarantine structures and having obtained the suitability for breeding alien species for experimental purposes, the FEM is now in a position to be able to host what is considered the most effective parasitoid of Drosophila suzukii and finally start the behavioral studies that will complete the risk assessment as envisaged by the “Biological Fight against Alien Species” project funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

“A few hours after the news relating to the first launches of the samurai wasp – explains the provincial councilor for agriculture, Giulia Zanotelli – I am very pleased to express a further step forward with respect to the biological struggle on Drosophila suzukii, thanks to the obtaining authorization for the introduction of the natural antagonist for experimental purposes. As already highlighted, the commitment and attention of the Department of monitoring and strategies to combat plant diseases continues in close synergy with the precious and fundamental work of the Mach Foundation “.

It will therefore deal with some specific studies on autochthonous species of drosophilids which will complement the information already produced by other research institutes. In fact, thanks to the network of international collaborations woven by its researchers, FEM already has access to the risk assessment studies prepared for obtaining the authorization to issue Ganaspis brasiliensis deposited in the USA. Risk assessment is the document that must accompany the application for authorization to release the alien species in the wild.

In the photo under the fruit fly Drosophila suzukii

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